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Candian Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry

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The Canadian food and beverage processing industry employs more than a quarter of a million people and produces goods worth more than $110 billion every year. Greater than a third of the industry’s production is exported to nearly 200 countries around the world. Currently, the industry directly employs 280,000 people but we estimate that by 2025, 65,000 more people will be needed to meet new consumer demands.
iFood360° delivers an opportunity for you to explore this growing industry through the exciting and engaging medium of Virtual Reality, by providing 3D interactive video experiences in operations representing many of our industry sectors, and interviews with industry members representing many of the exciting career opportunities in the industry. 
Simply follow the instructions below to get started and discover Canada’s food and beverage processing industry!

Steps to Participating in iFood360°

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Get Set Up on the Quest 2
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With VR
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Sign Up

Before you begin the experience, we would like to collect some information that will help us understand more about who is participating in the program. We will use this the information to measure the impact and benefits of the activities, and how we can improve the experience. Your information will be kept confidential and any personal information will not be shared beyond the iFood360° project team.

Getting Set Up with the Quest 2 Headset

1. Adjusting Your Straps and Lenses

The first step of getting set up is to adjust the straps and lenses to ensure your headset is comfortable and that the picture is clear.
First, make sure the headset is turned on. If the headset is already on, the indicator light (on the right side of the headset) will be white. 
If there is no light, push the power button, to the left of the indicator light. It will take a moment for the headset to start.
Now watch the video and follow the instructions.
Tip: You can hold the headset up to your face with your hand to check the adjustment of the lenses before adjusting your straps

2. Grasp the Controllers

The controllers for the Quest 2 can be confusing at first. A simple way to determine the left from the right controller is that the left controller has a ‘Y’ and ‘X’ button, and the right controller has an ‘A’ and ‘B’ button. 
The image on the right demonstrates how to grasp the controllers correctly. Be sure to slide the safety straps over each wrist and tighten them first, for your safety, and the safety of others. 
For each controller, the grip switch should be facing your other hand, or inwards. Your index, or pointer finger, should rest on the trigger switch, at the front of the controller. Your middle finger should rest on the grip switch, and your thumbs should hover over the buttons within the dark grey circle. Your ring finger and little finger grasp the controller.
Controller grip

3. Setting the Guardian

When you are using a VR headset, you will not be aware of the environment around you. That’s why it is important to set a ‘Guardian’ boundry to ensure you are safe during your experience.
Watch the video on the right to set up a safe stationary boundry for yourself when you are in VR.
You should remain stationary when engaging in the upcoming VR experiences. You can be seated or standing. If you are seated, we recommend that you use a swivel chair to allow you to fully explore the environment.

Get Familiar with VR

Now that your headset is fitted and you are gripping the controllers correctly, we’d like you to explore the Oculus ‘First Steps’ program. This program is a great introduction to the virtual reality environment, and will help you get familiar with the controllers and the experience.
Watch the video to the right on how to launch ‘First Steps,’ then use the headset and controllers to launch the program.
Tip: A small percentage of people can feel uncomfortable when using VR. If you experience nausea, dizziness, or general discomfort, feel free to stop at any time. Please still complete the the post experience survey so we can understand the extent of the issue 

Explore iFood360°

Now that you are comfortable in VR, it’s time to explore iFood360°.
Watch the video to the right on how to launch ‘iFood360°,’ then use the headset and controllers to launch the program.

Complete the Post Experience Survey

Now that you’ve explored the iFood360° Hall of Fame in VR, we’d like you to complete a post experience survey. This will help us to understand the benefits and limitations of the experience, and what we can improve for future VR career exploration experiences.
Again, your information will be kept confidential and any personal information will not be shared beyond the iFood360° project team.
Click the link below to complete the survey.

Return Your Headset

We hope you’ve had an educational and enjoyable experience learning about the Canadian food and beverage processing industry through VR.
We sincerely appreciate your support to make this project successful by supplying your information and feedback, and we wish you the best of luck in your search for an engaging and rewarding career. 
Please take a moment to clean your headset with the supplied sanitation wipes, and return it, and any other loaned equipment, to your site representative.